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Turnround Management Association Europe – Dedicated to Corporate Renewal

Welcome to the TMA Europe website

What is the future for TMA Europe?
David Bryan, Founder & CEO, BM&T

The Turnaround Management Association (TMA) is the most professionally diverse organisation in the corporate restructuring and renewal, and corporate health space. Established in 1988, TMA has nearly 10,000 members in 52 chapters worldwide. Members include turnaround practitioners, lawyers, accountants, advisors, consultants, financial advisors, liquidators, lenders, investors, as well as academic, government employees, and members of the judiciary.

Visit our European Chapter page for more information and how to join your local chapter.

TMA Europe represents 11 European chapters, serving as a forum for the interchange of ideas and as a networking opportunity for developing relationships across the continent through three signature annual events, industry-leading thought leadership and education.

Since TMA established its first European chapter in 2001 restructuring has become increasingly global and, in Europe, more closely integrated. Jurisdictions have changed legislation to facilitate value preservation by adopting better practices from other jurisdictions. Professionals have responded by guiding client restructuring to benefit from more favourable jurisdictions within the EU by using EU regulations to change the Centre of Main Interest (COMI). Governments have responded to this 'forum shopping' by legislation change.

TMA European Chapters have been at the forefront of promoting much of this change with the result that today European restructuring professionals have more and better tools in their toolkit for the benefit of employment and economic value preservation.

Introducing the EACTP

The first European professional body dedicated to promoting the accreditation of Turnaround Management professionals across Europe.

Harmonising standards of education, training and practical experience across a multi-jurisdictional economic area to bring distinct benefits for both the Practitioner and buyer of Turnaround Management expertise alike. Promoting professional practice through stringent admission and membership criteria the EACTPEACTP provides a premium-level additional qualification recognising the breadth and depth of the practical and professional skills required by individuals in Turnaround and Restructuring practice.

For full details and application visit www.eactp.eu/

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