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The latest updates on TMA Europe and around the world:

New Year, New Roles

27 January 2012

TMA Europe are pleased to announce that the new Vice President, International Relations is Christian Jakovlew and in a brand new role will be Carlos Gila as TMA Europe Director......

Business Professor and Former Restructuring CEO Tapped for 2012 TMA Europe Conference

27 January 2012

James B. Shein, PhD, who turned around underperforming companies as a CEO and now teaches turnaround management and entrepreneurship, is one of the keynote speakers for the 2012 TMA Europe Conference, June 7-8, at the Hesperia Madrid hotel in Madrid....

2012 TMA Europe Annual Awards: Call For Entries

27 January 2012

TMA Europe are pleased to announce the introduction of an Annual Awards Programme for Europe....

TMA Sweden - New Website

31 December 2011

After a period of inactivity, TMA Sweden are pleased to announce their "rebirth" and a new website with a full calender of events for 2012.....

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