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The latest updates on TMA Europe and around the world:

TMA Europe is extending its reach with three new chapters being formed in East Europe.

27 February 2015

New chapters are being launched in Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia to provide support to turnaround professionals in these countries....

EACTP extends its examination exemption period

30 January 2015

Applicants to Europe's pioneering accreditation programme for turnaround professionals have an extra six months to apply without having to take examinations.

Leiden Law School partners EACTP

12 January 2015

Leiden Law School has agreed to partner with the European Association of Certified Turnaround Professionals (EACTP) to develop and launch its pioneering education and examination programme.


Reform of the French Insolvency Regulation

28 November 2014

by Alexandre Le Ninivin - Lawyer - Paris/France

Following an important law in 2005 based on a preventive approach, a regulation in 2008 on guarantees, and the law of 2010 on financial safeguard proceedings, there is a new wave of reforms in France aimed at adapting the law on companies in financial distress to the current financial crisis....

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