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Reform of the French Insolvency Regulation

28 November 2014

by Alexandre Le Ninivin - Lawyer - Paris/France

Following an important law in 2005 based on a preventive approach, a regulation in 2008 on guarantees, and the law of 2010 on financial safeguard proceedings, there is a new wave of reforms in France aimed at adapting the law on companies in financial distress to the current financial crisis....

Call for Entries - 2015 TMA Europe Awards

28 November 2014

Entries have opened for TMA Europe's prestigious annual Turnaround of the Year Awards....

TMA Europe announces first pan-European sponsor

28 November 2014

TMA Europe is proud to announce Deloitte has become its first European sponsor.

The sponsorship agreement will give the leading business advisory firm a prominent presence across all of TMA Europe's chapters at their events and on marketing materials.

Teresa Graham Report on Pre-packed Administration Sales - Impact on the Industry

31 October 2014

Article by EACTP member Andrew Cawkwell, Muckle LLP
A review of pre-pack administrations by Teresa Graham, commissioned by the Government, was released on Monday 16 June 2014....

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